Gravel Spread or Installation
Contact E-Landscaping to learn more about gravel spreading and installation in your area.
Our talented team of landscapers here at E-Landscaping are ready to help you with your gravel project. Gravel is most commonly used for driveways, but in recent years it’s been used for other things, like garden decoration or mulch substitute.

Using Gravel for Your Home and Yard

Are you interested in learning more about how you can use gravel to dress up your front yard? While gravel is most commonly used for paving driveways, that isn’t it’s only use!

Mulch Substitute

Gravel is super effective as a mulch substitute because it helps to prevent evaporation from the soil and isn’t prone to blowing away in the wind (like mulch is).


Gravel can be used at the bottom of flower pots to create a drainage solution for the soil. It can be used the same way on a large scale.

Patio Base

Gravel can also be used underneath a brick or concrete retaining wall.


Gravel is also used for aesthetic reasons and can be placed between large stone blocks to create a beautiful walkway.


You can use gravel to create a border to your garden, accent spots throughout your yard, or to decorate a pathway. It has so many different uses.

Are You Ready to Book Your Gravel Spreading and Installation Project?

Here at E-Landscaping, we’re super excited to make your dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking to repave your driveway or use gravel for aesthetic purposes, we can’t wait to hear about it. From start to finish, here’s how our process works.

Contact Us

Give us a call to discuss your project. We’ll ask you about your goals and you can let us know if you have a budget.


Get a Quote

You’ll receive a quote from us detailing the cost of your project based on its scope and required materials.


After your project has been completed, we’ll check everything to make sure it’s up to our standards (and yours).

Get an invoice

You’ll receive an invoice for your project. No surprises here!


If your project requires any maintenance in the future, we’re only a phone call away!

Ongoing Maintenance from E-Landscaping

At E-Landscaping, we believe that the work never stops. For more landscaping companies, the project is considered over when it’s been completed, but that’s not the case with us! We provide ongoing maintenance for our projects when needed, as a part of the package!

To learn more about our maintenance guarantee and how we can help ensure the longevity of your gravel project, give us a call! We’re excited to hear from you.

Contact Us

Contact Us
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